About Us

In 1910, the Olsen Fish Company was founded by Olaf Frederick Olsen and John W. Norberg and has been soaking lutefisk in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota ever since. We have now become the world's largest lutefisk producer, processing in the excess of 650,000 lbs. annually. Each year we purchase our authentic Norwegian dried cod, often referred to as stokfish, from the supplier in Norway which guarantees the highest grade of fish. To ensure quality we have the product inspected on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.

We have proudly shipped our lutefisk to practically every corner of North American including Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. Our lutefisk is served at nearly 500 fundraising events hosted by churches, lodges and various other organizations including many of the Sons of Norway lodges across the country. We provide each organization hosting a lutefisk supper with informative napkins and placemats about the tradition at no charge

We have two types of lutefisk:

1. Fully Trimmed - the neck collar, fins, tail and bones are removed as humanly possible. The skin is the only waste.

2. Skinless - All the bones and fins are removed as above plus the skin is off and it's ready for cooking. Many people refer to it as "kettle ready."

We have fresh lutefisk available from September through May 17th which is the Norwegian Constitution Day. Fresh, frozen product is available all year round. Our packs vary from 50 lb. bulk containers to cryovac cases of 12/1.75 lb., 30# and 40#.

We now feature four different brands, Olsen, Viking, Kemps, and Mike's which each have their own special recipe to preserve the tradition. Our newest entry into the lutefisk market in '96 was our precooked lutefisk dinner with homestyle mashed potatoes and peas. We think this microwaveable dinner will help entice new customers and introduce a special part of Scandinavian heritage to a younger generation.

As we enter the 21st Century, you can rely on the Olsen Fish Company to preserve the tradition of producing the best quality of lutefisk available and backing its products up with top-notch service.

2115 North 2nd Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411
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