Wednesday, Jan. 24, 1951: No smell test for lutefisk

Posted Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

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Minneapolis Star editors used a funny-looking spelling (ludefisk) for Scandinavia’s funny-smelling food (lutefisk) in this page one story from January 1951:


Smell Ruled Out
as Test of Good
or Bad Ludefisk

District Judge William C. Larson admitted today there is no way to tell good ludefisk from bad by smell alone — and he put the problem squarely up to the bacteriologists at University of Minnesota.

The question came before the judge when two ludefisk — one, unquestionably good, the other, allegedly bad — were brought into his courtroom within sniffing distance.

They were designated as Exhibit 2 in the case of Ivan Bogen, representing the InterState Brokerage Co., versus Olsen Fish Co., 815 5th street N.

Bogen was demanding payment of $1,396.18 as balance of his bill for delivering 47 bales of “dry stock fish” to the Olsen firm in November, 1948.

The fish company rejected the shipment on the ground the fish were spoiled and declined to pay.

There wasn’t much to smile about in a 1950s lutefisk factory. Arthur Boscher, left, and David Arneson of Lyon Food Products hoisted some slimy goodness. (Minneapolis Star photo by Jack Gillis)

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One response to "Wednesday, Jan. 24, 1951: No smell test for lutefisk"

Emily Hanson says:

December 12th, 2005 at 12:41 pm

If you worked in a lutefisk factory all day long, you probably wouldn’t be smiling either.

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