Olsen Fish Company announces the acquisition of Mike’s Fish & Seafood, Inc., Glenwood, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 27th, 2006

Olsen Fish Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Mike’s Fish & Seafood, Inc. of Glenwood, Minnesota. Mike’s Fish has been in the lutefisk production business for over 35 years, starting out in a tin shed behind Mike Field’s grocery store in Brooten, Minnesota. The business expanded to include Lutefisk, Pickled Herring and other Scandinavian specialty food products that were shipped to wholesalers, retailers, churches and fraternal organizations around the United States and Canada.

"We are very fortunate to have been in a position to purchases this viable and growing business” said Chris Dorff, President of Olsen Fish Company in Minneapolis. “It melds well with our goal of “Preserving the Tradition” of Lutefisk during the holiday season as well as other times of the year” stated Dorff. “It also fits very well with our growing brand franchises which include Olsen’s, Viking, Kemps and now Mike’s Lutefisk."

Olsen Fish Company has been in business since 1910 producing the finest Lutefisk and Pickled Herring products available. They use only Genuine Norwegian stockfish for their Lutefisk production. All of their herring comes from the frigid, nutrient rich waters of the North Atlantic. They operate their only production facility in Minneapolis and are USDA, FDA, Kosher Certified and US Military inspected facility. All products are packaged in a refrigerated environment and shipped throughout the United States and parts of Canada. Their herring labels include Olsen’s, Viking, Ye Old King, Seabite and a host of other house and private labels.

For further information contact Chris Dorff at 1-800-882-0212 or locally at 612-287-0838. Website address is or email

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