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To preserve our time honored taste we’ve utilized our special recipes nearly a century old. Our unparalleled quality tradition begins with Grade “A” Herring from the frigid and rich North Atlantic waters of Canada. Our old fashioned process is complimented with fresh onions and whole spices. The highest level of food safety is maintained by our dedicated staff in accordance with our HACCP plan and Kosher certification

Herring Cutlets in Wine Sauce: Select skinless boneless fillets cut and cured in a sweet brine with old world flavor.

Cream Style: Herring cutlets blended in our own “Amsterdam” sauce, prepared with fresh real sour cream.

Roll ups: Hand graded herring fillets wrapped around a delicatessen style dill pickle.

Creamy Cajun Flavor: Herring cutlets blended with a mild and creamy Cajun sauce prepared with fresh real sour cream.

Natural Dill Flavor: Select cutlets in a sweet brine with a blend of fresh dill for a crisp fresh flavor.

Also Available: Canadian Fat Herring, Gaffelbitar, Whole Herring Fillets in a salt or sweet brine, Schmaltz Herring and Smoked Herring.


What's in a name? The name herring comes from the German word heer, meaning army. So huge were the schools of Atlantic herring, and so precise were their swimming formations, that the early Germanic people called them an army.

What is a herring? A herring is a beautifully marked blue-green and silver iridescent delicately flavored nutritious fish. It is the world’s most plentiful fish, most commercially important fish, most widely consumed fish, and the most sought-after fish in the world’s ocean.

An old Scottish proverb -- “The only miserable herring fisherman is him with a full boat, for he cannae fill it,” best sums up the fisherman’s feelings.

Superstitious? Many fishermen believed that the more fleas they had in their clothing, the more fish they would catch. Only a flea or two on their persons meant a poor catch. When fishermen left home to join their mates on board a fishing boat, they made sure that they did not pass anyone dressed in black because black signified few, if any, fish.

Five Senses – In the early days, schools were located by the presence of circling, diving sea birds such as gulls and gannets. Old-timers stated that when the sea “sort of browned over” there was bound to be a school of Atlantic herring there. They looked for dead, churned up pieces of plankton. Some looked for a “spot of oil” on the surface of the sea, which meant a passing school of Atlantic herring and others were able to sniff out the schools by the odor of cucumber that permeated the air whenever herring were close by.

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