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Olsen Fish Company has positioned itself as the world’s largest Lutefisk producer using only genuine Norwegian stockfish. With many years of experience producing Lutefisk, it is obvious why more customers prefer Olsen’s Flakee White Lutefisk.

Trim Fillets: Hand graded, semi-boneless with neck collar, fins and tail removed, the skin is the only waste.

Skinless Fillets: “Kettle Ready”, hand graded, boneless and skin removed, no waste.

Both items are available in retail and bulk cases. Fresh Lutefisk is processed from September through May or with any special order. Fresh, frozen product is available year around. We specialize in developing programs that fit your needs, call us today!


What's in a name? Literally translated, Lutefisk means lyefish, which refers to the early process of soaking where a lye solution made of birch ashes was used in the luting process.

Today we feel that a new meaning has been given to the word Lutefisk; one that means family, fellowship and good times.

The Noble Cod – Dry cod, or stockfish, from which Lutefisk is made is as rich in history as it is in flavor and nutrition.

Alesund – Much of the Olsen Lutefisk comes from the beautiful Norwegian town of Alesund.

A Maritime Delicacy Steeped in History – In the Sagas of the Norwegian Kings, from the 12th century, Snorre wrote about King Oystein building fishing shanties in Lofoten. Then as now, Lofoten was the most important spawning ground for the cod, and for centuries Norwegian fisherman have hauled in huge catches of mature cod in January to April spawning period. The age-old adventure continues, creating the foundation for human existence and sustenance along with entire Norwegian coast.

The Vikings – Stockfish is probably one of Norway’s oldest trading commodities. It has been used for trading with foreign countries for centuries, along with skins and furs. In Viking times, stockfish was both a main part of the diet, and a trading commodity on long voyages.

Perfect Timing – It is precisely the time of year when climatic conditions in Northern Norway are perfect for drying fish…that the cod comes in to the coast, either to spawn or feed. The cod that is used for stockfish production is caught in the course of a few hectic winter months. The fresh catch is cleaned immediately and hung to dry on drying racks.

The pure air and the cold winter climate from January to April are the ideal components in this unique processing – without doubt the least energy consuming in the world.

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